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September 20, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
9/21/2020 5:36 AM
You might be a brand new subscriber. I’m so glad you’re here. You should know that this could be the most unusual newsletter I’ve ever produced in the twenty-four years I’ve been publishing them. Please bear with me and next Sunday you’ll see a normal one. Are you a long-time or recent subscriber? I’m sure […] The post Read More
SHARP Steam Countertop Oven SSC0586DS
9/17/2020 6:15 AM
SHARP Steam Countertop Oven - It"s Compact & It Works I"ve been testing the SHARP superheated steam countertop oven for about two months now. I have to say it"s exceeded my expectations. The first thing I cooked was a store-bought deluxe pizza. I was really interested to see if it would get the crust crispy. […] The post Read More
What Causes Etched Glasses in Dishwashers
9/15/2020 8:12 AM
What Causes Etched Glasses - It"s Chelants QUESTION: Tim, please help me. I remember reading in past columns that you’re a master plumber and have some sort of science degree. My husband and I are at odds as to what’s slowly ruining all of my wonderful clear glasses and heat-treated glass items in my kitchen. […] The post Read More
Certificate of Occupancy NH
9/14/2020 5:48 PM
"The building code is not a set of recommendations. It’s a pass/fail document. Something either meets code or it doesn’t. There’s no gray area." Certificate of Occupancy NH - Don"t Issue Until All is OK QUESTION 2: Tim, I’m at my wit"s end. My builder thinks my new house is finished but there are numerous […] The post Read More
September 13, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
9/14/2020 8:01 AM
I know, you’re a seasoned subscriber and you might be miffed that I devote this top spot to welcome new subscribers. Rest assured; I appreciate your loyalty! But if you’re a new subscriber in the past six days, welcome! I hope I can save you scads of money and time with tips you’ll find here. […] The post Read More
Blacktop Epoxy Repair
9/10/2020 10:47 AM
Blacktop Epoxy Repair - Use Epoxy, Stones & Black Sand Links to Epoxy and Sand: CLICK or TAP HERE for the PC Products Masonry Epoxy I used. CLICK or TAP HERE for the Black Sand I should have used! The post Blacktop Epoxy Repair appeared first on Read More
Fill Driveway Holes
9/8/2020 12:56 PM
Fill Driveway Holes - Use Exterior Epoxy, Stones & Sand QUESTION: Tim, I read a previous column of yours where you talked about how to fill driveway holes in a concrete surface using sand and Portland cement. My issue is I have a few shallow puddles in my blacktop driveway and I know this ponding […] The post Read More
September 6, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
9/6/2020 6:34 AM
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Fiskars Pro Isocore Mauls
8/29/2020 12:03 PM
Fiskars Pro Isocore Mauls - Split Tough Wood Fast I tested the two Fiskars Pro Isocore Mauls and had great success. Within minutes, the small 2.5-pound maul became my favorite. It"s so nice to have a small maul the size of a hatchet that creates small kindling faster than kids eat ice cream on a […] The post Read More
August 29, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter
8/29/2020 7:43 AM
“Bad form!” Nice try! You almost slithered past me while I was distracted. Next time, try using some PAM on a piece of plastic - you’ll make far less noise. I know, you’re a little shy and you’re one of my newest subscribers, right? I always love to greet new subscribers and this is where […] The post Read More